I’m Not Lucky, You’re Just an Idiot

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This is a tale of how people stop themselves from learning how to travel the world right now.

“I wish I could do what you’re doing. Just leave everything behind and start travelling”.

“Yeah? Well why can’t you?” And yet, I think I’ll never hear a reasonable answer to that question simply because, the people who try to answer it are lying to themselves.

Litmus test: If you find yourself getting annoyed by what I have just said and can already think of reasons why I’m wrong, you just might be who I’m talking about.

In fact, my favourite statement to hate is probably: “Wow Toby, you’re so lucky that you’re able to go travelling indefinitely across the world and quit your job.”

How to Travel the World Right Now

You could, perhaps at first, be forgiven for thinking it, but by the time such a saying makes it to an individual’s mouth, they would have had more than enough time to realise that it is a complete load of garbage. Yes I am very lucky but probably no more than the rest of you. I have had to uproot everything, sell all my favourite and meaningful belongings, put a strain on my relationship and sink the only money I have, into getting to England where I will have to start working on day 1 to save enough to see the rest of Europe while still maintaining my financial commitments in Australia. Fortunate and easy indeed.

I wouldn’t want to be offensive to those who have genuine reasons for not being able to travel even though they want to, but the fact is that out of all who think they fall into that category, probably 98% of them are restricted only by self-imposed limitations.

What I have found that instead of people actually wanting to learn how to travel the world right now, they just bypass that and go straight to complaining that they can’t.

The bulk of us have the same ability to do whatever we want and while there’s a very small few of us who can’t, there’s also plenty of people in a better position than me, from which they can set off travelling.

Perhaps they have less debt than me. Perhaps they were fortunate enough to learn better saving/spending habits while they were growing up. Perhaps they just live closer to where they want to go. Regardless of your circumstances, if you’ve ever said to someone how fortunate they are to be able to do X, Y, or Z but you can’t because of whatever reason, this post is directed at you. I don’t want to seem like a blunt asshole – then again, I’m not overly concerned if I do – I just want to make at least one person realise that the only person holding themselves back from whatever it is they’re chasing, is themselves.

I was working on commission just before I pulled the pin to go travelling and it was the first time that I was starting to earn a decent, regular income. At last, I was looking at a future with good financial security. I would have been crazy to throw it away, but I did. I asked myself, how to travel the world.

Nobody Achieves Their Dreams?

Over 51% of the population want to quit their job and travel long term and a completely underwhelming 2% actually do. Extrapolating to assume that most people’s dreams and not just travel, has the same percentage of action takers, then why is it that only 4% of the population does what they want? Could it be that society as we know it would crumble if too many people left their Jobs? I doubt it. Although, having so many of you being conditioned to do what other people want does do a mighty fine job of keeping the system going.

Yes I have been guilty of thinking “you lucky bastard” towards other people who have done things that I thought I really wanted to do but hadn’t prioritised and achieved. I’ve felt the burning resentment as the green eyed monster rears it’s ugly head. I suppose we all have but if we continue to do it, we will continue to be stuck focusing completely on someone else instead of finding ways of achieving it ourselves.

Rant Alert

I feel angry right now, even angrier that I’m letting dickheads on the internet annoy me, but angry just the same. In an effort to find some statistics about what I’m writing in this post right now, I have just come across people using the exact language that will perpetuate them being a fuckwit forever. This is what I have just seen: “Does anybody get really jealous of people who get to travel?”, “I get jealous of people who get to travel”, “I get really jealous of people who get to travel and post photos on Facebook” and a hundred iterations of the same garbage. There’s even articles on how to travel and not make your friends jealous. Fuck your friends, jealousy might be the only thing that makes them do something with their lives.

Just in case you thought I might have been getting angry about people using the word “jealous”, that’s not the case. It’s much worse than that. There are thousands of quotes that use one of the most debilitating two-word combinations: “Get to”. No they don’t get to travel, they choose to travel. How much more external could your locus of control be? If it’s not internal, you will amount to nothing but blame everyone else.

I’m a lot better than I once was at controlling my emotions. I’m fairly practiced at consciously monitoring how I feel and even road rage is a thing of the past, but I can’t get over the fuckwittery of these colossal dickheads that speak almost as if they blame the person who is travelling, for them not being able to. Get stuffed and go back to resenting other people’s success instead of finding a solution for your own lack of it.

I’ve given up on finding any more statistics for this post, you’ll have to go without.

Update: June 2017

I thought it would be worth updating and re-releasing this post to include the following story.

I have just returned unexpectedly to Australia for my Grandfather’s funeral, after living and working in the UK for two months. I was hoping I would make it in time to see him but I received the call when I was waiting in Singapore Airport. I had already traveled for 17 hours and only had 5 to go but I was too late.

It cost me every cent I had, or I should say every pence I had to return “home” and it strangely left me in more of a unsure situation than when I moved to the other side of the world. I’ve got some short term accommodation staying with family but I had no job, which is why it felt even more uncertain than when I got to England, because I had both there.

I have been back for one day and have already landed a job in a pub. I hustled all day, jet-lagged to buggery and don’t even have a phone number yet for prospective employers to call me on. I walked in to every pub and demanded the manager and kept going until I found a job. I start my induction in three days.

I will be out of the country again, with a half reasonable amount of savings because I have hustle. If you have two legs, two feet and a working brain, you don’t deserve to whinge about not being able to travel. You do deserve however, the chance to give yourself a kick up the backside and make hay while the sun shines. I don’t want to just ridicule people, I want them to achieve whatever it is that they want. I want people to realise that they don’t even need to learn how to travel the world right now, they just need to go out there and do it. I don’t even know how myself, I just blunder my way in a forwards direction until I get there.

If you think what I’m saying is complete bollocks or whether you agree, I’d love to see your comments. Bugger it, while you’re at it, you as may as well just join my mailing list so you can be drip fed with enraging posts and slander.


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3 Responses

  1. Haha, you have hit the nail right on the head here. Over the last 6 years since I started to travel, I think everybody and their dog has said the same to me, ‘that I’m so lucky to do what I do’ …No I just had the balls to live my life the way I want to haha. Isn’t it funny though the more real you right a post like this the more offended some people get.

    1. So true. Some people need a good kick up the back side.

      Just had a look at your website, it’s awesome just by the way.

      1. Thanks, I’m only just getting started with it.

        I’ve found reading through other blogs a lot of them are so fluffy and don’t really tell the full story of what traveling is really like.

        I want my posts to have more of a real feel to it, like this one of yours, you don’t find many posts telling it like it is.

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