Chasing Dakar Across Peru

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This was the original big adventure that got us started with film making.

Of course, the quality was rather terrible. We filmed 300 hours of rubbish, when we should have recorded less than 10 hours worth of deliberate shots, but we just didn’t know that at the time. We all have to start somewhere and this was an incredible trip all the same.

Despite the lack of technical and stylistic proficiency, I’m very proud of how much we committed to the project and gave it everything we had.

Ironically, to live out our motorcycle dream, we had to sell our bikes at home to cover the flights, camera gear and bike rental in Peru. Even then, we only had enough money for a one way trip, but if it’s a big enough dream that doesn’t matter, we’d figure it out later. As it turned out, “figuring it out” meant that Dad and I camped in Lima airport for a few days while my Mum sold the last motorbike back home for us, so we could buy tickets back home.

All in all, damn worth it. When we got back to Australia, we put all our focus on making money to buy new bikes and pay for the next film. As it happend, those bikes were DR650s and the film was Desert Blood, our first “proper film” that we made with Motology Films.

Ultimately, these videos (and part 3, if I ever find the time to scrape through more of the 300 hours of old footage*), tells our story of flying to Arequipa in Peru to pick up two KLR650 motorcycles, ride them to Lima for the start of the 2019 Dakar Rally, follow the race South and then ride through the Andes to see more of Peru.

*It’s frustrating to sift through the poor quality footage, when we’re now working on much better quality content. It feels a bit pointless. However, I think we owe it to our 2019 former selves, to see it through. Not only that, but it’s a nice reference to see how far we’ve come and as we ultimately get better and better, it will show an even bigger transition.

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