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Having learned a lot in the process of making Desert Blood with Motology Films, we set out to make our first film on our own, calling all the shots and running it in-house.

We had made videos ourselves before such as the Chasing Dakar Across Peru videos, but since Desert Blood, we’ve been trying to maintain the idea of being film makers, not youtubers. The difference isn’t the snobbery of a self-appointed title (lest we sound like self employed people referring to themselves as CEO on their LinkedIn profiles). The difference is in the kind of product. We were trying to make a cinematic piece, not a jump-cut vlog style video.

Like any of these projects, it wasn’t perfect and didn’t turn out as epic and cinematic as we had hoped, but for our first time going it alone, it was still something we could be immensely proud of. It was originally supposed to be filmed in the Pilbara during the wet season, but heavy flooding put that on hold and we had to change all our plans on a day’s notice. But, we got to make this instead and we’ll be in the thick of filming the Pilbara film by the time anyone reads this.

Desert to Dune

Executive Producers: Toby & Amelia Richardson.
Director: Toby Richardson
Producer: Toby Richardson
Narrator: Toby Richardson
Editor: Tim Kershaw
Publisher: Rough As Guts
Featuring: Andy & Toby Richardson as themselves.